The WordPress Classroom


He has created a program called The WordPress Classroom. It is basically a series of video tutorials that teach you about blogging using WordPress. The videos start off with the basics like purchasing hosting and a domain name but move in to techniques involving traffic generation and how to make money by blogging. He also go in to details about how to edit the css and some of the php code to get your blog looking and acting like you want it to.

He had  over 50 videos ready to download right now! As an added bonus, he has 4 brand new custom WordPress themes available, also included a built in link exchange traffic builder tool for members only.If that isn’t enough, He’s created a secret bonus area where will be adding new goodies all of the time! All of the videos are available for you to download on to your hard drive so that you can watch them online or offline whenever you want!

Follow the explanation

Similar video courses are selling right now online for over $500!! I’ve been told that I could easily get that for these videos. But I wouldn’t do that to you! I sell these videos and all of the bonuses for only $97! Now I need to tell you, these are the same techniques that I use day in and day out to make hundreds of dollars on autopilot every single month. These aren’t for only one blog either. I have used these same techniques over and over again to create several blogs, each generating another passive income. I mean, who wouldn’t pay $97, to learn how to make a few hundred (or thousand) per month passively? I am currently offering these videos and this content at reduced price for a short time.


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