Resting Place Pesanggrahan & Environment Conservations Hills Development



Assalamu ‘alaikum Wr.Wb        
Success For All … … ..
As a preface, we offer should utterance thanks for God Almighty, condescend up so that it can meet again in a healthy. Amen …

The family and all that we love
On Friday, 20 February 2009, attended with a small
Great-Grandfather  PEDJA RODJA generation, has been a traditional meeting of the agreement to implement the conservation return The Great-Grandfather  PEDJA RODJA the main agenda to improve the resting place (Ture Wazo Rate) Great-Grandfather 
Sessi events early this ritual continued with the Oath Ceremony, laying stone of Food First and the ancestor
(Pati Kaa Seti Utta) in the location of graves, as the speech of gratitude and reverence services ancestors who have been keeping and caring of the welfare of future generations to the present.

The family and all that we love
Consider re-trace the history and existence of Great-Grandfather  PEDJA RODJA, now it seems we need to look her elders as well as first man history that is the existence of the embryo of Great-Grandfather  PEDJA RODJA this Rodja land in the area of Ende Regency history Rodja and wherever located.

It is not wrong it seems, that upon the initiative now to start the next generation preserve the historical asset return Great-Grandfather  with building facilities and physical infrastructure graves, can generate a feeling of pride and a sense that the ancients had no spirit and struggle of the ancestors.

The family and all that we love
This is why we present  the ideas and then poured in with the concept and discourse of The family and all; to be a concern and responsibility as an effort to preserve the history of this asset value is enjoyed by the offspring generation fore.
With this publication, please on all parties, both from the lineage
PEDJA RODJA and other parties who acknowledge, love, even to join with us to achieve this noble plan.
We hope that this can work with a rope adhesive bond between the entire family at great
Great-Grandfather PEDJA RODJA, children and grandchildren in the area Rodja and all those who loves him outside the region Rodja.

 “….Mbeja se kita, ana Embu ko’o PEDJA RODJA, ne’e miu riwu woso ne’e ngasu kapa, miu ata wua mesu mere, ne’e jedho zewa ndeka Embu PEDJA RODJA, noto miu mai mbeja, noto miu se’a sawe, kita wii ture wazo rate ko’o Embu PEDJA RODJA.

Ozo pawe miu, kami sodho ndeka NGGA’E, ozo ri’a miu kami nosi ndeka Dewa. NGGA’E tu tozo tei. Dewa ata meno mbe’o. KAI jegga bala……” ( The Traditional Oath Ceremony Language )

“….All descendants of PEDJA RODJA, pride and honor, the grandchildren of children who have the power to lift generation PEDJA RODJA, so we come, we clean the graves and make our forefathers PEDJA RODJA.
Goodness and benevolence is, will we submit to God the Creator, which let to be respond…..”

History has been talk that the journey of human life always starts with how the efforts to maintain the existence of life. As a human being God as well as managing the earth, man charged in 2 important options are: to survive with what is, or realize the growing expectations of life towards the better.
Over time, the Creator will give freedom to the people that continue to grow and progress, creating creativity in meeting the needs of his life. Give universe and its contents as an invaluable gift of the people that still survive the challenges in time.

Started to implement the idea of development is. With background generation by the desire for the return journey of a man who may have been obsolete by time, but to contribute to the development of large his generations.

“An Elephant death leaving proboscis, Human death leaving NAME.” So goes an old verse. The Great-Grandfather PEDJA RODJA, that is the name. The figure of yore have been far walking impression of step, for the cliffs edge to build a community of civilization.

Who Great-Grandfather PEDJA RODJA ‘s?
Although only a story, his name still lives in the illusion and dreams for the offspring generation RODJA, the people of the generation and spread the entire world. You and all of us little about this figure. But for certain people who have supranaturals mind, he still comes with a horse, traditional shawl, black gloved (zawo) and headgear (zesu) as if the wind as the aircraft come to bring a message her biggest.
Try to ask the people, they will say that we met with them, see the traditional village in zeda zamba troops and a very large army.

So, where the graves of PEDJA RODJA it?
Ende Regency Ende, South of Ende District, Tanjung Village. 3 km’s south in the IYA mountain valleys. In there you will see the paving of land sabana with growth various plants. There also you will be amazed to see how to build this great figure of the human civilization and his generations with full love.

Where he lives?
There are in history … .. that is the answer that while we have heard and we examine. In some history books and on the location walked survey first impression, we had time to catch the remainder generasinya quote:

1. In the Book “NUSA NIPA” Sareng Orinbao, Pater, paper pages 49-51:


*) Please Translate again in Indonesian Language

2. In the Book “NUSA NIPA” there is a map image NUSA NIPA ancient heritage

3. Zeda Zamba, Up at mountains PUI (middle Iya mountains and Gunung Meja mountain), that firs traditional
    village and war for Rodja.

4. Palu’e, located in the north coast of Ende Regency, which is the administrative district of Sikka
     is a dwelling place for the next generation of Rodja.

And much evidence that history can not display as proof of the existence Rodja. From here, The Great PEDJA RODJA is one of the founder generation and the pioneers of civilization. Therefore, the residual PEDJA RODJA grave, ought to be take care generation asset history, indigenous peoples, nations and countries.

The development is intended to:
1. Preservation of historical assets grave
2. Object history tour
3. Cultural tourism object
4. Spiritual tourism object
5. Environmental Conservation hills 

So that the goal can be achieved are:
1. Easy access climbing routes directly to the burial objects.
2. Maintain graves on a regular basis, with a variety of infrastructure and supporting facilities.
3. Take Care environment hilly slopes of the landslide.
4. Become one of the community assets Ende Regency, and the whole community where the child who is the
     next generation seed and other parties who acknowledge, love, love even care him.

Preliminary survey has been started from 2006 with the observation that the location is right in the administrative district of Tanjung Village-District South Ende – Regency Ende-Flores-East Nusa Tenggaa-Indonesian. The preparation was conducted in 3 phases:
1. Photo Location, meant to take pictures of common objects that will be built tomb.
2. Satellite photos and GPS, are intended to drawing site plan, the determination of latitude and longitude coordinates and altitude of the location of graves of the sea surface and the surrounding area.



Satelit Coordinate

8°52’20,01” LS and 121°37’56,68” BT


69,99 meter’s  above the surface sea water

3. Measuring Land, is meant to detail the location of the database which will then be included in the design cost.

All area will be surrounded with green tree planting, intended to conserve the area as well as hilly nature tourism object. (Picture attached and Cost)

The plan will cost: Rp. 150.875.000,00 (be calculated: One hundred Fivety Million Eight hundred and Seventy Five Thousands Rupiahs). (Picture attached and Cost)

Or 17.738 US $ (be calculated: Seventeen Thousands Sevent Hundreds and Therteen Eight US Dollars)

Development will involve all elements concerned with the preservation of graves and tombs around the hilly environment. Therefore, on this occasion, we invite to all parties to participate in committee and participate as a donor at a time with this development.
For more details we will send readers, address and contact number that can be contacted:


Head of Pertamina Depot Bali-Bali Province – Indonesia
HP: +6285 220 620 281



irrigation areas – the public works office – district ende – East Nusa Tenggara Province – Indonesia
HP: +6281 252 007 173

Or please submit your donation via:





Traditional Open Ceremony


Rotation of ture01

attended by the descendants of Traditional embu PEDJA RODJA observer and Society

Rotation of ture03

Oath Ceremony to open the session laying stones in the First Series of Events The Repairs
(Ture Wazo Rate) AND

Providing Meals
the ancestor
(Pati Uta Kaa Seti)

First stone laying



Florespos1 002

*) Please Translate again in Indonesian Language

For more details we will send readers, address and contact number that can be contacted:


Head of Pertamina Depot Bali-Bali Province – Indonesia
HP: +6285 220 620 281



District Office Nakertrans Ende – East Nusa Tenggara Province – Indonesia
HP: +6281 353 728 744

Or please submit your donation via:



Thank you for attention and help.


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