Music Arts of Ende Lio

art ende lio

art ende lio

Music is sound produce by human’s voice and music equipments. Traditional art music of Ende Regency could be seen on song/ rhyme such as Doja, Nde’o Peo, or Oro bhe’a and sound from music equipments as the rhythm. There are some traditional music’s such as:

a.Ground MusicTraditional music:

where people repeatedly jerk their feet at ground as the rhythm. It could be seem on Gawi/ Naro or Todo Pare dances.

b.Stone MusicTraditional music:

where people used stone as the rhythm to accompany the song ‘O lea’ while stepping corn.

c.Nggeri Nggo :

The tools of this music made from bamboo. This kind of music usually played on running Nainuwa (circumcision) ritual.

d.Nggo Dhengi/Nggo Bhonga :

The tool of music made from seven pieces of wood (wae/ dena wood) and tied with rope. This music usually plays on leisure time or accompanies the traditional dances.


The tools of this music made from bamboo. This usually played on when people Dowe Dera ritual. It functions to as the sound tool on Ele seda and scare row on the farm.

f.Geko :

This is not included music equipment, because it usually used for scare row. Geko made of bamboo and on mid part of bamboo joints formed like and arch. It equipped by net too. Under of its end edge connected with rope and stem of areca nut. This equipment would make sound if blowing by wind. It usually hanged on bamboo mast or branch of tree.

g.Gobi-Gobi :

is kind of music equipment which made from thin bamboo blade. Two end of its edge tied on thread, to produce sound bamboo squeeze on teeth then pull out the thread.

h.Sato :

This is included the stringed instrument formed like a violin which made of Bila fruit or coconut shell and equipped by handle, string from fiber or lema mori leaves or aloe and sap of canary tree. The string made like a small arch.

i.Nggo lamba/wani :

Nggo wani/ lamba music consists of :
1. lamba/ wani, nggo, : Lamba / waniThe tool of this music made of bark of jackfruit tree or coconut tree that perforated on mid part of it. On the bottom of the hole hold with bamboo blade and chicken and covered by leather of cow. There is lamba/ wani made from human skin in Wologai – Detusoko with the heater from coarse grass. Lamba / wani consist of two kinds: Lamba ine and lamba ana. Lamba/wani ana is smaller than lamba ine.
2.Nggo : Nggo/gong made from brass or iron, formed circled with hump on mid part of it. Nggo consist of three kinds:
a.Nggo dhengi dho
b.Nggo senawa
c.Nggo demu / bass
Deri Deri is the complement music tool of nggo lamba/ wani. Deri made of a piece of brass or bamboo.


made of bamboo, (wulu/ bela),. Feko composed on some kinds:
Ø Feko nangi Feko nangi usually play on mid night with lament tone.
ØFeko bu Feko Bu usually is played on improvisation violin tone accompanied with drums. Feko bu also named flute of shepherd.
ØFeko redhoFeko/redho is usually played to accompany wedding or others rituals affairs.
ØFeko riaFeko ria is usually played on group harmonically in mars rhythm on wedding ceremony or in other formal ceremonies.
ØFeko pupu Feko pupu appeared in unique shaped like pump and to play it by moving those bamboos up and down to produce bass tone.


Genda/ albana made of bark of coconut tree and leather from goat. It shaped like cooking pot on its surface. In its composition, genda composed on three kinds:
Ø Genda redhu, appeared in small size with two genda
Ø Genda wasa, appeared in medium size with two genda
Ø Genda large size with one genda Genda jedhu, apperead in / albana music is usually formed compound with flute and song to accompany wanda Pau dances in a wedding or circumcision rituals.


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