The Miracle of KELIMUTU Lake




….Lake above top of the mountain…..


Mount Kelimutu with its three colors lakes, in a local language called Kelimutu Tiwu Telu is one of the main volcanoes in Flores island. After eruption in 1886 the mount remained three crater lakes with formerly distinct colors: red, blue, and white. The colors, however, have changed continually since the eruption of Mount Iya in Ende in 1969. The changes of its colors make Kelimutu different from others and become one of the attractive places to be seen.


According to the scientists , the changes caused by the geological and chemical processes in the bottom of the lakes. It could be also resulted from refraction of the sunlight, the bacteria populations and the chemicals dissolved in the water.


Kelimutu has been determined as one of the National Parks with 5300 Hectares large, which is known as Kelimutu National Park. It surrounded by forest with the rare floras and faunas such as palm trees, pine, mountain fig (casuarina yunghuniana), red wood (pterocarpus sp), edelweiss, hog (sus vitatus), javan porcupine (hystrix javanica), the giant rat (papagomys armandvellei), monkey (macaca fascicularis) and gerugiwa ( kind of bird). Besides natural conservation, this park is also exploited for tourist attraction gathers with parks like Leuser National Park, Kerinci, Komodo, Ujung Kulon and others.


 Myth and A phenomenon


There was a myth about the mountain. Local inhabitants believe that Kelimutu is the last place for their spirits resided and given names as Tiwu Ata Polo (Red Lake) refers to The Giants, Tiwu Ko’o Fai Nuwa Muri (Blue Lake) to The Orphans, and Tiwu Ata Bupu  (White Lake) to The old Men. The spirits would reside on those three lakes conformed to their social status after passing the gateway called Konde Ratu . For locals, this mountain is holy, and a token of God’s blessings, which provides fertility to the surrounding lands.




can you predict, that a lake can experience of change of colour ?


A phenomenon of three colored lakes of Kelimutu has become one of Flores’ main natural tourist destinations. The spectacular view and dramatic sights on peak of Mount Kelimutu left a deepest impression to all visitors who come and visit it . When you are at the Inspiration Point, you can view the natural panorama and beautiful sunrise . Apart from its cool climate and wonderful panorama, Three Colored Lakes of Kelimutu keeps special features as the only one of tourist attractions on earth to visit, to feel and to remind.



Thanks for : Eja 


 Source      : Tourism Book A Guide To Kelimutu “

      Tourist Information Centre – Ende Government Tourism Service,

      Soekarno Street, No. 4th – Ende – Flores – East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia.

      Phone : 0381 – 21303 ( local area ).


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  1. juliach berkata:

    Ini kata-kata org di Labuhan Bajo melihat hasil photo/film di notebook jan 2000

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