From Komodo Island by passing through Labuan Bajo – Ruteng – Bajawa – Ende. Along the trip, you can enjoy the exciting panorama and sandy beaches with its green stones of Nangamboa, Nangapanda, Penggajawa, Numba, having a chance to see beautiful natural cave in Mbawe. You will be satisfied if you can find time for sailing and visiting Ende Island by using traditional boat (Perahu Cadik) which available in Taman Wisata Bahari Pantai Ende (Ende Beach Park).

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Before continuing your trip to Kelimutu,

 you can stay a while in Ende and using your time to visit attractive tourist objects in this town, Mbu’u Beach, and traditional villages such as Wolotopo, Ngalupolo and Ndona.



To leave Ende Region, You can take some alternative routes available; Moni to Maumere, Moni to Ende, Moni – Ende – Labuan Bajo by using bus, plane, or passenger ship.






Thanks for : Eja 


 Source      : Tourism Book A Guide To Kelimutu “

      Tourist Information Centre – Ende Government Tourism Service,

      Soekarno Street, No. 4th – Ende – Flores – East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia.

      Phone : 0381 – 21303 ( local area ).



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