The second route to Kelimutu can be reached from Labuan Bajo where you can visit Komodo Island with its unique species called The Komodo Dragon (Varanus Komodoencies) then continuing your trip to Ruteng, the capital of Manggarai Regency and touch the background of hills and beautiful rice field panorama.



 Then you can visit Bena traditional village in Bajawa, a megalithic village where people still preserve their ancestral spirits,  Mengeruda Hot Spring and the most exciting coral garden in Riung, which naturally protected by seventeen islets. 




                  …wouw….. beautiful panorama’s in Riung


Then visiting Mbay by passing through the north sea of Flores with tropical mangrove and beautiful white sandy beaches in Maukaro, Nggemo, Mukusaki, Wewaria, and Ropa.  On the way to Kelimutu stop by at Koka hot spring water in Detusoko and enjoy all the interesting tourist and cultural attractions.


Thanks for : Eja 


 Source      : Tourism Book A Guide To Kelimutu “

      Tourist Information Centre – Ende Government Tourism Service,

      Soekarno Street, No. 4th – Ende – Flores – East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia.

      Phone : 0381 – 21303 ( local area ).


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