Welcome at this home, house where us proud our creation which heir, a house where us show a past masterpiece, masterpiece started with imagination which spectaculer.

At this home, the society custom house of Ende-Lio, tenun ikat (weave fasten) creation woman of flobamora*) on display at world society.

What a our woman try to incise in sheet civilization of world, that them of ready to portray a miracle in the form of a lef of cloth in high artistic creation.

With this tenun ikat, world society recognize earth of flobamora. Earth where woman which is its fingers dance above yarn to be able to yield this product.Earth where this creation is gathered by mystique aroma, so that this creation have of magic nuance, esteemed and taken care its existence.

Plase You pay attention weave cloth sheet fasten which yielded from strength of woman of Flobamora. What you get from what you see is a supremacy.

This….in this House, we admire this masterpiece, masterpiece which is heir to us.

Like this our expectation to every person who see this masterpiece, so that can give attention, aid and support to existence of this Tenun Ikat Museum.

flobamora*) = mention to a area what consist of some sub-province owning equality of cultural clump.


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